Saturday, February 14, 2009

First Post

Hello. I'm Jean Sugg, office manager for White & Allen, P.A. Welcome to our blog. This is our first blogging experience. We hope to provide useful information to our clients and others.

On Friday the 13th I attended a seminar presented by the Law Practice Management Section of the N.C. Bar Association. Among other things, I learned about Am I just behind in the tech world? I had not heard of it. You sign up - no charge. Once logged in, you simply answer one question: What are you doing right now? You can "follow" other users and keep up with what they are doing. I'm following some acquaintances from the law practice management section as well as Ashton Kutchner (is that spelled correctly?). You can also post a question for other's responses, and you can search for folks you know. Is Twitter useful for a law office? I'm not sure. I'm still experimenting with it.

Is there is a blog topic you want our attorneys to address? Just let us know.

Here's to blogging with you.